Imagine the possibilities if you can find extra time each day, on top of extra savings each month. More time for family, friends, hobbies. More savings for what’s important to you. Now, brand-new apartments at affordable rates are within your reach at Belvoir Square in Ft. Belvoir. We’re proud to participate in Fairfax County’s Workforce Dwelling Unit program and the Affordable Dwelling Unit Rental Program.

The WDU Rental Program is designed to help residents afford to live in Fairfax County near major employment centers and public transportation, to help avoid long, expensive commutes. The WDU Rental Program can help you commute less and live more, at an affordable rate you deserve. Visit for more information.

The ADU Rental Program provides qualified low and moderate income households the opportunity to live at a reduced rent in some of the new privately-owned and privately managed market-rate apartment communities located in Fairfax County.  For more information, visit

Contact the leasing office to see if you qualify!